Quality + Comfort

JOMOS Comfort Engineering

The shoe construction

Perfect shoe last technology

The pressure shoe last robot is a high-quality technical tool. It is the heart of the shoe and essential for proper fit.
Its shape also determines the character and overall appearance of the shoe.
In constructing the last, even a tenth of a millimeter counts – with each new last development we further optimize the fit and design for you.

The original JOMOS heel cup

The heel cup is the foundation for a good fit in the heal area; it stabilizes the foot and supports the natural heel-to-toe movement of the foot when walking.
So that your JOMOS shoe can provide secure support, we integrated the heel cups already into the lasts.

The JOMOS last library

In the last library of our factory in Selbitz, we keep a large selection of comfortable shoe lasts available. For each shoe the matching model up to size 53 for men and 44 for women.

The insole is situated between the visible outer sole and the removable insole inside the shoe. It is built into the shoe during production in such a way that it stays put and provides stability for the shoe and therefore also for the customer.
Manufacturing shoes with insoles is a proven standard at JOMOS.

During lasting the upper of the shoe is secured on the last. The lasting process gives the upper the proven JOMOS fit.

The variants:

GreenCom removable insole

Our premium removable insole: chrome-free tanned natural leather on impact-absorbing latex foam with excellent breathability and utmost wearing comfort.

RedCom removable insole

Extremely comfortable and breathable removable sole with leather-wrapped latex foam. Ensures lasting wearing comfort thanks to its cushioning effect. Adapts to the foot and absorbs moisture in the shoe.

BlueAirCom removable insole

A breathable soft insole with textile surface for a comfortable wearability and excellent breathability. Thanks to a shape-retaining foam base, it adapts to the foot.

AirCom removable insole

A breathable everyday insole with soft foam cushioning and surface in suede look, for an always pleasant wearability and well-balanced breathability.

Soft removable insole

Extremely moisture-wicking Cambrelle® functional material on lightweight foam. Also removable, of course.

Leather cushion insole

Ultra-soft insole with high-quality suede covering for our JOMOS sandals.

WollCom removable insole

Soft wool lining on carbon latex with activated charcoal, odor-absorbing and warming. Ideal in all winter shoes.

The JOMOS direct-injected polyurethane (PU) outsole offers great walking and wearing comfort and imparts, thanks to its low intrinsic weight, a pleasant feeling of lightness to all JOMOS shoes – aircomfort made in Germany.

The JOMOS last paternoster shelf

Our sole forms are stored in the last paternoster – accessible at any time.

Advantages of the JOMOS PU-sole:

  • Lightweight, soft, and flexible
  • Impact-absorbing and gentle on the joints
  • Thermally insulating
  • Durable and wear-resistant
  • Tested for freedom from harmful substances

The JOMOS aluminum cast sole mold

We have been working for over 30 years with PU technology and continue to invest every season in the development of new sole molds.

Best quality upper leather

JOMOS is known for its good quality leather. An in-house leather development with our leather partners is the basis for this top performance. Our soft, full-grain quality leather makes all the difference in many product groups

The variants:

Bio Leather lining

This high-quality leather lining is chrome-free tanned – for a very soft, comfortable wearing feeling.

Leather lining

We use only the best full-grain and soft leather in our models with leather lining.

Cloth lining

These models feature our tried and tested cloth lining. High-quality, soft, and breathable.


Sympatex® is known the world over for waterproof and breathable functional materials from sustainable and resource-friendly production. We are licensed to use these top materials and have been a market leader for many years.


These models also feature a waterproof and breathable functional membrane – for any type of weather.

Genuine lambskin

For generations the best for cold days.
The ideal lining for our most popular winter boots. Naturally „climate-optimized“ and always pleasantly warming.

Warm lining

You are ideally prepared for the winter with our models with the proven, fluffy warm lining.