Our philosophy

People – as customers, partners, and employees – are our priority. We are grateful that with our company we can make a small contribution to our society and our world.

We think a lot about the balance between people, nature, and technology. Durability and sustainability are very important concepts for us. For more than 90 years we have been making shoes in Selbitz, amid the natural beauty of the Franconian forest.
Our all-around „honest“ shoes, boots, and sandals are products of this attitude towards life.

Our mission

For all people who are living life fully, we develop and produce comfortable leather shoes with the perfect fit and utmost wearing comfort. We pay special attention to the consistent high quality of the materials we use and our products.

Our mission: to produce our customers‘ favorite shoes.

We want our shoes to provide lasting support and our customers to feel completely comfortable with them every day.

Our values

  • Respect the dignity of man and all creation
  • Take into account the value assignment and talents of the family
  • Seek and design humane ways of interaction for employees, partners, and customers
  • Develop, produce, and sell coherent products that reflect our business philosophy
  • Be alert to and calmly confront the global market with its realities
  • Pay attention to a healthy financial foundation
  • Make a social contribution to society, above all to our home country and the home countries of our partners

JOMOS – the other way to the popular honest mid-tier brand

We want to develop and produce good shoes at an affordable price. People – as customers, employees, and partners – have always been the focus of our work.

Making shoes in Germany has always been and still is an interesting challenge for us. It just doesn’t fit in with the culture of our country when a time-honored handicraft disappears. That’s why we have given so much thought to the preservation of our jobs in Germany.

We have kept an eye on the global shoe market. At the same time, we closely monitored opportunities for automation and technical progress and implemented them in our company. Yet we have remained loyal to our corporate philosophy of values and ethics for decades.

Today we are experiencing great appreciation for this within our industry. For many retailers and consumers, we have ultimately become, on a completely different path, a recognized and popular honest mid-tier brand with our fair products.
Authenticity has genuine staying power. We thank you, too, for your confidence in us!