Made in Germany

We live the motto of made in Germany! At our headquarters in Selbitz, we operate one of the most up-to-date medium-sized shoe factories in Europe. With a daily production of up to 3,000 pairs of shoes in a two-shift operation, our production can be very flexible.


All JOMOS models originate in our modern development department in Selbitz. We can develop a concept down to the finished shoe in just a few hours.


In the lasting process, the upper is stretched over the last and secured to the insole mechanically. This requires high quality craftsmanship and long years of experience. While a lasting process that includes gluing makes the production process more expensive for us than other methods, it provides the benefits of longer-lasting durability, greater stability, and better shape retention.

PU-direct soling

With this mechanical soling operation, the leather upper pulled over the lasts is fed into an aluminum injection mold. Two polymer components are then injected into the mold that expand into a lightweight foam due to a chemical reaction and fill out the mold. In this way, the leather upper is permanently connected to the now injected outsole, without any adhesive being used. In the next step, the now soled shoe is extracted from the aluminum mold and the last that gives the shoe its fit, is removed again.

Storage and shipping

From the modern warehouse at our factory in Selbitz, order volumes of any size can be processed at short notice. JOMOS shoes are shipped from here daily to distributors in Germany and all around the world.


In front of the production area is the corporate areas of management, sales, and accounting. Thanks to the close proximity of administration to production we can act quickly and efficiently.

Our partner companies

The high quality leather for which JOMOS is recognized is based on internal developments in leather. Since the 1980’s, JOMOS has maintained dependable and friendly relationships with foreign partner companies.

For almost 30 years, we have worked together with a family-owned company in Brazil that operates one of the world’s most cutting-edge leather factories. A majority of the uppers come from this factory. We are very thankful for the deeply rooted trusting collaboration between our families.

We have found individuals and families in India who think like we do when it comes to sustainable responsibility for the world. These partners want to take on these challenges of our times on a healthful economical and ecological basis by running the leather processing enterprises there on par with the highest western standards. We have collaborating also with these partners very successfully and responsibly for many years.