Family tradition from Selbitz

Quality made in Germany since 1928

JOMOS Comfort Engineering

We manufacture all JOMOS shoes on the principle of Comfort Engineering. As revealed by the name, our team has researched, developed, worked meticulously and optimised this for many years. Over the years we have adjusted our production steps in such a way that all shoes manufactured are all-round talents. Women’s shoes as well as men’s shoes combine a carefully thought-out interior with an insole concept which gently supports your feet when walking. Full-grain quality leather gives your favourite pair not only their fashionable style but also make possible the comfortable fit. The Air Comfort sole is light and flexible, it mutes your steps and guarantees an ergonomic rolling of your feet.

orangefarbene Linie
orangefarbene Linie

Shoe Construction

Qualität made in Germany
gezwickter Schaft eines Schuhes

Shoe Lasts

Precision Last Technology

The precision shoe last robot ensures the popular fit of our shoes. It also shapes the form, character and appearance of every pair of shoes that leave our warehouse. In the constructing these lasts great precision is required as even a tenth of a millimetre counts. From this precision, there later results the comfortable wear that you can feel during strolling in town or on a walk.

Last Library

We keep the shoe lasts in a vast last “library” in our shoe factory in Selbitz. For every model and width for women’s sizes 36-44 to men’s 38-53 the matching lasts are ready for use in the production process.

As soon as a new model is developed the relevant last also find its place there.

JOMOS Cup Heels

To stabilise the heel area and to support the natural rolling movement of your feet the cup heel is an important construction characteristic of JOMOS shoes. It is fitted on every last which ensures in the rear area of every shoe superb wearing comfort.


Inner Sole

From the outside, you see only the outer sole of your pair of JOMOS shoes as well. The removable insole is located in the inside of your shoe. Fitted between these two components is the inner sole.
In the course of production, our workers incorporate these in such a way that they can no longer be separated. In this way the shoe holds together from inside out. This stabilises the shoe – and your gait.

gezwickter Schaft eines Schuhes

Pinched Upper

By pinching the upper of the shoe it is fixed to the last. Through pitching over the last, the upper gets its tried and tested JOMOS fit.

The JOMOS Insole Concept

A central component of every good shoe is its insole. You can exchange or renew the insole in every JOMOS shoe. So that you too can find the suitable insole for your feet we offer you seven differing variants:


Aircomfort – made in Germany, which means: during the course of production in Selbitz the outer sole of polyurethane (PU) is injected direct on to every JOMOS upper. This results in a sole which gives a comfortable lightness to every pair through its own limited weight. In addition, the PU sole absorbs impact and thereby preserves your joints. Not least, the PU material is heat insulating outer which stands out in both the summer and the winter. Certainly, on these soles you will be happy to be out and about for longer.

Upper Leather

Our popular quality results from the use of high-quality materials. Thus, we use on the outside of the shoe soft, full-grained quality leather which is both fashionable and durable. So that this standard can remain in force we work closely together with our leather partners.

Blick in das Lederlager mit verschiedenfarbigen Materialien

Interior of the Shoe

We also pay attention to the use of quality materials for the interiors of our JOMOS shoes. Here you can see a selection: