JOMOS Air Comfort made in Germany

Quality made in Germany since 1928


Your comfort shoes come into being in up to 140 work steps through the hands of specialists and the use of the most modern technology.
From the draft for a new model to the despatch of the popular classic every pair of shoes goes through various departments. Which they are and what happens there can be discovered here.

Seitenansicht Firmengebäude Selbitz
For us, tradition and the present are closely linked.
That’s why the outer wall of our production facility is adorned with the seal of the traditional Selbitz shoemaker’s guild. Our family adopted the valuable guild seal from 1783 when the company was founded in 1928. It will forever remind us of our roots and the tradition of the shoemaking trade in the Franconian Forest.

Our company headquarters in Selbitz, Germany


All JOMOS models originate in our own Development Department in Selbitz. Our team creates all new models and supports their implementation as far as series production.

Mitarbeiter an der Zwickereimaschine


In the lasting process, the basic prerequisite is a high level of skilled craftsmanship and many years’ experience. The upper of the shoe is stretched over the last and secured to the inner sole mechanically. While a lasting process that includes gluing makes the production process more elaborate for us than other methods; however, it provides the benefits of longer-lasting durability, greater stability, and better shape retention. You thus also have longer enjoyment of your shoes.

Mitarbeiter bei der Besohlung an einer Maschine

PU Direct Soling – how air comfort is formed

In this mechanical soling process, our workers feed the leather uppers pinched over the lasts into an aluminium injection mould. Then two polymer components are injected into the mould that expand into a lightweight foam due to a chemical reaction and fill out the mould and thus create the air comfort sole. In this way, the leather upper is permanently connected to the now injected outer sole, without any adhesive being used. In the next step, the now soled shoe is extracted from the aluminium mould and the last that gives the shoe its fit, is removed again.

Storage and Shipping

In our two-shift operation we can manufacture daily up to 3,000 pairs of shoes. The finished shoes are packaged and parked in our computer-controlled warehouse before being sent to our customers in Germany and all over the world. This is how the JOMOS shoes find their way to you.

Blick in das Lager von Jomos

JOMOS Partner Businesses

You probably treasure our shoes for their comfortable fit, the high degree of comfort and the high-quality materials. Since the mid-1980’s, we have maintained close business and friendly relationships with international partner firms, from which we source our own leather developments and uppers. These operate globally and are sustainably working family businesses which have been awarded, amongst others, the following certificates:

Teambild Mitarbeiter


100 years later the shoemaker’s workshop of Johann Mohr has developed into a renowned comfort shoe manufacturers in Europe. This was possible through the knowhow and the love of shoes being transmitted from generation to generation. Thus does JOMOS today combine traditional craftsmanship with technological innovation.
As a family business we are rooted in our region, we love the Franconian Forrest and the nature that surrounds us. Nevertheless, we also rely on international partners who work with us and share our vision:

Slogan We want to make your favourite shoe

Our Values

  • To uphold the dignity of people and the whole of creation
  • Take into account the value mission and beliefs of the family
  • Find and design humane ways for employees, partners and customers
  • Develop, manufacture and sell products consistent with our business philosophy
  • Confront the global market with its realities vigilantly and soberly
  • Keep in mind a healthy financial basis
  • Make a social contribution to society but above all for our homeland and those of our partners
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Slogan Our Beginnings hochgestellt
Slogan Our Beginnings
Altes schwarz/weiß Bild vom Firmengebäude



Johann Mohr founded his shoe-making workshop at the address Dorf 1 in Selbitz, Upper Franconia.

His is also the name given for today’s word mark JOMOS: JOhann MOhr Selbitz.

Bild von Johann Mohr

Johann’s son Wilhelm continued his father’s business after the war. He risked restarting the shoe production in Selbitz.

Bild von Wilhelm Mohr

JOMOS moved the firm’s base to its current location in Garlesstraße: construction of the residential and production buildings, still used today. Nearby there are purpose-built timber buildings for production and storage.

Bild schwarz/weiß Firmengebäude von 1948

In the third generation, Helmut Mohr took over the management of the firm. His wife Elfriede supported him from the beginning.
Some years later his brother Werner Mohr joined. The three of them made a strong team.

Bild von Helmut Mohr

The production tract was extended, the “U” was closed.

Firmengebäude von 1972

Heading for Brazil. The first international partnership with a Brazilian leather and uppers manufacturer came into being. Through this collaboration, all workplaces in Selbitz were preserved.

The modern PU direct soling process was introduced. JOMOS air comfort is born. Thereby, now all JOMOS shoes are very light and especially tread absorbent.

Bild von zwei Mitarbeitern in der Produktion von 1984

In addition to the existing partnership with Brazil, JOMOS found in India a new reliable and family related uppers partner which cultivates the same values.


JOMOS continues to grow and rebuild. New storage and shipping halls instead of the previous, low post-war buildings.

Bildschirmfoto vom Firmengebäude

An investment in the future: Production was expanded by a second PU direct soling machine.


JOMOS celebrates, full of gratitude, the 90th anniversary of its grounding.

Icon 90 Jahre Jomos
The firm’s buildings were comprehensively, energetically refurbished; Production should be even more sustainable.
Seitenansicht Firmengebäude
Because of the death of Helmut Mohr the next generation of the family took over: Werner Mohr and his daughters Eva-Maria Müller-Mohr and Anne Teutsch-Mohr became the operational executive officers.
Bild der Geschäftsführer Anne Teusch-Mohr, Werner Mohr, Eva-Maria Müller-Mohr
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